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Joy S. Falk, Vice President Experts and Technology

John McShane, Facilities Manager Evidence Storage and Securement


documentation1Strict Evidence Management and Handling

All property and evidence taken into custody by FSTC’s experienced personnel is carefully identified and documented to include: item description; condition of evidence; case-related data and information; person submitting evidence; anticipated storage period, as well as any special instructions, and stored in our spacious, secure, climate-controlled facility to insure its integrity.  Convenient loading docks with forklifts and hand carts are available.  Hydraulic  lifts, shelves and containers are also available for specific evidence needs, including the movement of heavy equipment and/or vehicles.


documentation2Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment

Based on the latest release of industry standard Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) software, car makers are providing access to more post-crash data and vehicle parameters than ever before.  Event Data  from heavy trucks and buses may also be available. The FSTC provides the latest diagnostic equipment for downloading event data recorder (black box) data from vehicles, both cars and trucks, as well as the expertise to analyze the data.





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