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Joy S. Falk, Vice President Experts and Technology

John McShane, Facilities Manager Evidence Storage and Securement

The Forensic Storage and Technology Center (FSTC) is a spacious, state-of-the-art, secure evidence storage, inspection and conference facility.


homeleftDJS Associates offers a spacious and secure Forensic Storage & Technology Center (FSTC), located minutes from company headquarters, and easily accessible from the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The FSTC offers a state-of-the-art inspection center and evidence storage facility for secure handling and preservation of evidence; a clean and well-lit conference room; wireless internet access; and an adjacent aerial viewing area to oversee the inspection process.  Short and long term contracts are available, as well as flexible hours to provide you easy access to your stored evidence.



homerightForensic evidence inspection, testing, preservation, documentation and analysis is securely and expertly performed utilizing the most sophisticated technologies available.  Vehicle diagnostic equipment for Event Data Recorder (black box) download is available at the inspection facility.  High-Definition Survey (HDS) laser scanning, including the Leica C-10 for three-dimensional point cloud data capture, provides for advanced evidence documentation.  If required, qualified experts from a wide range of disciplines are able to provide the knowledge and expertise needed during the inspection and analysis process, satisfying the needs of insurance companies, attorneys, law enforcement agencies and engineers.

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